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Download Exhibitor Badges
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You can easily download badges for your event, and a variety of Avery Style templates are available. You may even create your own template if needed.




  1. For the desired event, click the Attendees tab.

  2. Click the down arrow next to the Add Registration button and select Download Badges.
  3. On the Attendees Badges Print screen:

    • Select the badge template you wish to use from the Document Generation Template list.
    • Tick Show Tenant Logo if you wish to include your organization's logo on the badges.
    • Tick Print Exhibitors Only and ensure that Print Non Exhibitors Only is de-selected.
    • (Optional) If you wish to include Exhibitor on the badge, tick Show Exhibitors on Exhibitor Badges.
  4. Click Done.

The system will download a PDF of exhibitor badges to your computer for you to print.

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