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Review Invoices
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The Sales/Invoices tab in the Billing module provides a listing of all invoices you have created.

Click the drop-down arrow in the Show Only box, to filter the list by:

  • Open Invoices
  • Closed Invoices
  • Current Invoices
  • Past Due Invoices
  • Sales Transactions


Additional filtering criteria can be added by clicking the   icon. 


The list of invoices may be filtered by:

  • Invoice date range (by selecting a date range from the Invoice Date
  • Payment date range (by selecting a date range from the Payment Date)
  • Membership Status
  • Goods/Service
  • Product Type
  • Invoices with Zero Balance
  • Past Due Invoices
  • Current Invoices
  • Credit Balance Available
  • Past due invoices by over X days
  • Sales Transactions
  • Is Empty
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