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Create Sessions
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Once timeslots have been created, you will create your sessions and assign to timeslots. See Add Session Timeslots for instructions on setting up your timeslots. In addition to having setup your timeslots, you must also have registration fees set up. When creating a session, you will select the registration fee that a registrant must select in order to be eligible for the session. See Setup Event Registration Fees.  


NOTE: When using a table/team registration type as the selected registration type, by default all members of the table/team are required to select a session regardless if they are known (have a first name/last name/email) or not.



  1. For the desired event, click the Sessions/Breakouts tab.

  2. Click the Add Session button.
  3. In the Add Session window, configure the following:

    • Name: Enter a name for the session.
    • Description: Enter a description for the session. (Optional; this will display to the right of the session when it is selected on the registration form.)
    • Timeslot: Select the desired timeslot. Timeslots must be created before adding sessions. See Add Session Timeslots for instructions on setting up your timeslots.
    • Location: Select the location of the session from the drop-down list. If needed, click the plus icon   to add a new location, or the edit icon  to edit an existing location.
    • Attendee Limit (0 if unlimited): Enter the maximum number of attendees allowed for this session. Set to zero if there is no limit. For our example, we will only be allowing 1 person per interview session, so we will set this to 1.
    • Event Registration Type: Select the specific event registration type(s) eligible for attendance in this session. By default, this will have all registration types selected. (This allows you to have registration types for different timeslots, and for those registration types to only select the timeslots applicable to them. We'll be using this option here!) 
    • Main Photo: Upload a photo for this session. For example, if this is a session for a conference, you may wish to upload a photo of the speaker.
    • Click the blue plus icon  to enter the name, title and details of the Speaker if needed.
    • Goods/Services: (Event public module V2 required. See Edit Event Details for information on updating your event page to V2.) You may add a fee to your session in addition to the event registration fee. (For example, a speaker may include an addition $10 fee for their session to cover materials for the attendees.) Click the  to select a fee item.
    • (Optional) If using the Continuing Education module, click the  to add a continuing education program/certification for this session. See Continuing Education for more information.
    • Click Done.

For our example, we set up three sessions for each timeslot. This is what our Sessions/Breakouts tab looks like:



At this point our registrations are ready to go! On the event registration page, anyone who selects the appropriate registration type will be able to select a session to attend; being as we have the limit set to 1 for each session, that session will be considered full and will no longer be available for the next registrant to select. 


The event registration page, with our first registrant selecting their registration type and only seeing the sessions available for them: 


Once they complete their registration, the next person to come along will only see two options available:




Sessions can be very flexible and used for many things above and beyond conferences, such as selecting golf tee times, or staffing volunteers at an event. Get creative!

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