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Configure Continuing Education General Settings
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The Continuing Education General Settings allow you to define the number of days prior to the expiration of a certification that an automated email will be sent, and which or your lists/committees will receive a notification when final certification requires administrative review.


  1. Click Setup in the left-hand navigation panel.
  2. Click General Settings in the Continuing Education section.
  3. In the Continuing Education General Settings window, configure the following:
    • Send 'Certification Expiring' Emails n Days Before Expiration: Enter the number of days, prior to the expiration of a certification, that you wish to send an automated email will be sent to the certified individual. If your certifications do not expire, leave this at 0.
    • Receives Admin Review Required email: You may setup final certification to require approval. Select the list/committee that should receive the notification when an approval is needed.
    • Default Certificate Template: Select the certificate template to be used by default for your Continuing Education programs. When setting up a program, you will have the option to select the certificate that you wish to provide. If no certificate is selected at the program level, the system will default to the certificate you have chosen here. If you do not choose a default, and do not select a certificate at the program level, no certificate will be automatically generated for those who complete a program.
    • Default Certification: If you have only a single general certification set up for all your components, or primarily use a particular certification program for most components, you can select that certification program here and any component created will automatically attach to the certification. (You can always change this in the "Component Of" section of the component if needed.)
    • Enroll Attendees To All Relevant Certifications: Select this option if you wish attendees who register for an event that includes a certification component to automatically be enrolled in the associated certification program. NOTE: This setting is enabled by default.
  4. Click Save.
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