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Create a Certification
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  1. Click on the Certifications tab within the Continuing Education module and click the Add Certifications button.
  2. On the Add Certification window, configure the following:
    • Name: Provide a name for the certification. This name will be used publicly when you display certification opportunities in the Info Hub. Name of Certification. Required.
    • Code: (Optional) Enter a code associated to your certifications.
    • Version: (Optional) Enter the version of this certificate. This is useful if requirements for certifications change from year to year.
    • Description: Enter a description of the certification. This will be displayed publicly and may be helpful for your members.
    • Certification Category: (Optional) Select the category for this certification. This can be useful in sorting, finding and reporting certifications. See Continuing Education Initial Setup for information on setting up your categories.
    • Certificate Template: (Optional, but recommended) If you will provide a certificate on completion, select the desired template from the drop-down list. See View/Modify Templates for information on setting up your certificates.
      • Determine Certification completion via: (Optional, but recommended) Select the method by which certification completion will be identified. Choices are: All Components CompletedHours/Credits; or Do Not Track Completion.
        If Hours/Credits is selected, configure the following in the Hours/Credits/Units section:
        • Hours Required/Credits Required: enter the required hours OR credits for the certification completion.
        • Hours to Maintain/Credits to Maintain: if this certification requires hours OR credits to maintain validity, enter those minimums here.
  • Enrollment Start Date/Enrollment End Date: (Optional) Select the start and end dates of the enrollment period for this certification.
  • Expires (in months after completion/activation): (Optional) Enter the number of months after certification completion that the certification expires.
  • Require Admin Approval: (Optional) Creates a checkbox in the Tracking area and requires a staff member to check the box before the member is allowed to proceed.
  • Prerequisites: (Optional) Select certifications that must be completed before this certification can be started. Click the blue plus icon  to add a prerequisite . Enter the name of the certification in the text box. Type ahead functionality will find the certification and populate any associated code or version information. Repeat this step to add additional prerequisites.
  • Is Active: When checked the certification is available and will be available in the Info Hub for enrollment
  • Pricing: fill out these options if you will be charging a fee for the certification itself (above and beyond an event registration fee, for example)
    • Fee Item: Select the Fee Item being used if charging for this Certification. Click the gray plus icon  to create a new fee item.
    • Short Description: Will default to the description of the fee item. Edit if necessary. This will display in the the line item on the invoice.
    • Member Price: Will default to the price set for the fee item. Edit if necessary.
    • Allow Invoicing If checked, this allows the member to sign up and be invoiced later. If not checked, the member must pay with a credit card at the time of enrollment.
  • Objectives Objectives are actually assigned at the component level and are simply displayed here.
  • Terms/Conditions: Select the terms and conditions that apply to this certification from the drop-down list. This will provide a link to display any legal language related to the certification. Click the gray plus icon  to create new terms and conditions.
  • Click Done.


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