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Create an Objective Sub-category
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  1. On the Objectives tab, click the name of the Objective Collection you wish to work with.
  2. Click on the Folder icon   in the Actions column of the Category/Sub-Category to which you wish to add a sub-category.
  3. In the Add Objective Category window, configure the following:
    • Category Name: The category name will be set to the parent category/sub category used to create the new sub-category.
    • Category Code: this will auto-fill if the parent category/sub category has it configured.
    • Code: Similar in function to the Collection Code, used for organization and reporting.
    • Name: Name of the Category
    • Description: Description of the Category
  4. Click Done.

NOTE: You can add Sub-categories to other Sub-categories by clicking on the Folder icon  in the Actions column of the /Sub-Category and complete the steps above.
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