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Tracking Certifications
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You can track contacts certifications on the Tracking tab within the Certifications module.


By clicking the Quick Filter   drop-down list, the Tracking tab may be filtered by the following criteria:

  • In progress: Contacts currently working towards a certification. The status may be automatically set when a contact applies to the certification program, and participation in the certification program does not Require Approval, or this may be manually set when staff adds a contact to a certification program from the back-office.
  • Applied: Contacts who have applied for a certification, but have not yet been approved. Only those certifications set to Require Approval will be included in this list. If a Certification is not set to Require Approval the status will automatically be set to In progress.
  • Declined: Contacts who have applied for a certification, but the application was denied. This would be manually set by staff.
  • Active: Contacts you have active certifications. This is automatically set when a certification has been completed (whether by system logic, that all components of a certification have been completed OR manually by staff if the certification completion requires approval).
  • Inactive: This status may be manually set by staff, for example, if someone has signed up for a certification program, but has not been working towards its completion.
  • Expired: Contacts whose certifications have expired. Expiration dates for certifications are configured at the certification program level.
  • Not Completed: Contacts who did not complete the necessary certification work in the time allotted. This would be manually set by staff, there is no automated logic behind this status.
  • Admin Review: Contacts who have completed the necessary work, but whose certification must be approved by an administrator.
  • Expiring: Contacts whose certification is nearing expiration. Contacts will be marked as expiring base on the Send 'Certification Expiring' Emails n Days Before Expiration setting you have configured under Setup > Certification > General Settings.
  • Cancelled: Contacts whose certification has been cancelled. This would be manually set by staff, there is no automated logic behind this status.
  • Or a specific certification: A list of all of your certifications will be available for selection.


Additional filtering criteria may be added by clicking the Customize Filter   button.

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