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Enter Certification Results - Bulk Entry
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To quickly arrive at a subset of those you wish to mark for completion of a certification, the Bulk Entry tab allows you to select contacts, certification types, and components. For example, if a class was just help for a particular component, you can filter the list to just that component. Once you have made the appropriate selections, you can mark all as completed.


  1. Click the Bulk Entry tab. The tab will display all contacts currently in certification programs.
  2. If needed, click Customize Filter   to select the additional filters:
    • Contacts: If you wish to filter to specific contacts, begin typing in the names of those contact. You may enter as many contacts as you wish.
    • Certifications: Select one or multiple certifications to filter to just those certifications.
    • Components: Select one or multiple components to filter results to just those components.
    • Certification Enrollment Date: select a date or range of dates to filter.
    • Click Done to apply any/all filters.
  3. The contacts that match your filtering criteria will be displayed in the list. Select all contacts you wish to enter results for, either by enabling the checkbox to the left of their name as needed OR by selecting the top checkbox to select all contacts.
  4. Once you have selected/deselected the appropriate contacts, click Mark All Completed.
  5. On the Edit Certification Bulk Entry screen, the system will apply the credits/hours to the selected contact(s) as configured in the certification components. By default the Completed On date will be today's date, but you can modify that if needed.
    If for some reason you need to modify the credits or hours credited to the contact(s), enable the Override Default Hours and Credits option and make the needed changes. This will only affect the credits or hours granted for the contact(s) upon completion; it does not modify the original component or certificate settings.
    • Hours Earned: This will default to the hours configured for the component, you may update as needed.
    • Credits Earned: This will default to the credits configured for the component, you may update as needed.
  6. Click Done.
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