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Static URLs
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You can create two kinds of links to use with your Info Hub. You can direct already logged in members to specific pages using an internal redirect URL, which uses their existing, in-use credentials; or you can create static URLs to use outside the Info Hub that will direct members to log in to access the page in question.


Static URLs should be used outside the Info Hub, and will prompt the user to log in to access the linked page within the Info Hub. For Example: If you want to send an email to your members prompting them to update their directory listing information, a static URL, that would open the Directory Listing page (once the member has logged in), can be created.

To create a static URL, you must replace the contact id and the organization id with the word static.

  1. From the back-office, click the Info Hub icon in the header bar.
  2. Click the page within the Info Hub for which you would like to create a static URL. In the example below, Directory Listing was selected.
  3. Copy the URL and paste into notepad (or similar word tool).
  4. Replace the Contact ID, the Organization ID (in the example above, the Contact ID is 844777 and the Organization ID is 609320) with static, and remove the # sign. The URL will be:

The static URLs are not stored in your database. You may wish to create a document with all of your static URLs, so that you can simply paste them as needed into your emails or other communications.


NOTE: The static URL is intended to point a user to a specific page in the MIC. As in the example above, the goal is to point a specific user to their directory page. If you wish, perhaps to include on your public web-site, a link that would open the directory in the Info Hub, you simply need to copy the URL to the Info Hub directory, and embed in your web-site. When the link is clicked, after the user logs in, the page will open on the directory.
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