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Change Info Hub Access Level
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If you have configured your Member Application form to automatically provide Info Hub access, the individual filling out the member application will be routed to the log-in page where they will be able to create their own account and will be given the access level you selected in the Log-in settings. Additionally, when you add new contacts through the database, the contacts will be given the default access you have setup in the Log-in settings.


You can change an individual's access to the Info Hub:

  1. Open the contact's profile page. 

  2. Click the common tasks Actions button.
  3. Click User Login.

  4. Select the desired Access Level from the list. Setting the access level at the top of the dialog box is the access granted to the individual.
  5. If the individual is related to organizations, select the desired access level the individual has within the related organizations. By default this is the same access level as the individual access level. When the user accesses the Info Hub, the user will have the greater of the two permissions.
  6. Click Done.


NOTE: This screen may also be used to send login instructions.

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