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Reset an Info Hub Users Password from the back office
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If the user requests assistance in resetting their Info Hub password, you may set a temporary password from the back-office. 


  1. In the individual contact profile tab, click the ellipsis icon in the upper right screenshot and select User Login.
    Clicking the User Login option under the more actions ellipsis
  2. This will open the Edit User Access window.
    The Edit User Access window
  3. Enter a temporary password in the Manually Set Password text box.
  4. Click Done.


There is no automation when you manually reset the password from the back-office, you must communicate the new password to the member. The password is only temporary, when the user logs into the Info Hub with a manually reset password, the user is immediately presented with the change username/password screen.



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NOTE: A Forgot your Username or Password? link is displayed on the Info Hub log-in page, this allows the user to use his/her user name or email address to reset their own password.
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