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Add a Job Posting in the Info Hub
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Given Create access to the Info Hub, your members may add new job postings to the Info Hub.


NOTE: If you have renamed Job Postings to your specific terminology, your custom terminology is displayed. The instructions below use the system terminology.


  1. Click Job Postings in the left-hand navigation. 

  2. Click the Add button in the top right.
  3. Configure the following:
    • Contact: The name of the member creating the job posting will be automatically populated. If applicable, the organization may be selected from the drop-down list.
    • Content Status: The status of the content will be displayed as Draft. Once the job posting is saved, the status will change to Pending Approval. Once staff has approved the content, this will be automatically updated to approved.
    • Title: Enter the job title. This will be displayed in the job postings search results.
    • Tags: Enter desired tags. Tags are searchable words that may be used when someone searches your job postings.
    • Description: Enter the job description, and other information as needed to describe the job.
    • Publish Start: Enter the first day this job posting will be published.
    • Publish End: Enter the last day this job posting will be published. Note: the Web Content Pre Expiration Notice automated email will be sent to the contact three days prior to the Publish End. Within the email will be a link, that will take them to the Info Hub where they could update the job posting publication end date.
    • Categories: (Optional) Select the desired category for this job posting. Categories provide a way to report, search and filter job postings.
  4. Search Description: Enter the description you wish to display on the job postings listing pages.
    • Custom Fields: If you have included custom fields, enter or choose the appropriate information.
  5. (Optional) Click the Search Result Image to upload an image to be displayed on the job listings page. NOTE: Additional images may be uploaded once the job posting has been saved.
  6. Click Done.


After a member submits a job posting, staff members may approve or decline the content. See Approve Web Content Submissions for instructions on approving content. When the staff member approves the content, the member that submitted the content will receive an email notification stating the content was approved.

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