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InfoHub Resource Tracking
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IMPORTANT: The Metrics Module must be enabled in order to provide resource tracking. Contact the Engagement Team if further information is needed.


Resources that are accessed in the Info Hub will be recorded so staff can view the following:

  • the most popular resource,
  • which contacts or organization are using resources,
  • which resources they have accessed and when.


There is a Resources Accessed by Contact Report to provide the global perspective on download stats.


You’ll also get a quick glance at an individual or organizations’ usage via a line graph on the Engagement tab, with ability to click-in to view the specific item, date/time download, and resource category.


Resource Tracking FAQ

  • What exactly do the Resources Accessed Report and the Engagement tab track?
    • The Resources Accessed reports and Engagement tab is tracking when a file Download button/link is clicked- not when a URL is clicked or resource page viewed, but when a download is started.
  • Can we see if a download has failed?
    • Downloads are counted whether successful or failed (we do not have a way to differentiate between those at this point)
  • What happens if I need to update/change a file?
    • The ResourceID of the file is what is tracked, which means if you replace the current version of the file it will count under the same resource stats as the previous version.
    • If tracking the new version is important, you would have to note the date of the version change and track that manually.
  • What if I use the Impersonate option from the back office?
    • Using Impersonate to download will count in the stats for that individual/org. This way if the staff person gives them the doc themselves, this provides a way to increase the download stat.
  • What happens if I delete or remove a file?
    • If the resource has been deleted after it had been accessed, the report will still report that resource as having been accessed. 
  • What information is recorded when a resource is accessed?
    • Both the date and time of the download are recorded.
    • The time is important because if a member downloads a resource several times in a row, the association may not want to count that as a separate, unique download.
    • We don’t have any way to aggregate multiple downloads, but you would be able to make educated guesses on the number of unique downloads using the provided date/time in the report.
  • How quickly does the tracking update?
    • The download count should increase within a couple of minutes after the download has been initiated.
  • Where do the download stats display?
    • The download is counted on the individual’s Engagement tab and also on the Engagement tab of the Primary Business of the individual. 
  • What happens if an individual moves from one member business to another?
    • If the individual changes primary businesses, their downloads will stay connected to the business they were associated with when the download occurred.
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