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Searching/Filtering the Forum
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A variety of ways are available for searching and customizing the results displayed in the main section of the Forum.

  • In the Main Section:
  • Type in the name of a forum/topic in the search-box.
  • Select a Show Only option from the drop-down list. This option will allow you to filter by: My Watched Posts, Watched Posts, My Drafts, Activity (Last Day, Last Week, Last Month), or by selecting a specific Forum.
  • Click the Customize Results button to filter by: Category, Author or Date Range.
  • In the top right section:
  • Click Watching to filter the main section to just those forums/topics the user is watching.
  • Click My Posts to filter the main section to just the user's posts.
  • Click My Drafts to filter the main section to just the user's drafts.
  • In the bottom right section:
  • Click All Topics to view all topics in the main section.
    • Click a specific category to view all the forums in that category.
  • Click a specific forum to view all topics in that forum. A number next to the forum will indicate the number of topics in the forum.
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