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Set Preferences for Forum Notifications
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Forum Notifications allow the user to configure when they would like to recieve email notification about changes to the forums or topics that they are watching. NOTE: The contact must have Edit permissions to My Info to change preferences.


  1. Click the gear icon   in the header bar.
  2. Select Communication Preferences. This will open the Edit Communication Preferences window. Scroll to the bottom of the window for the Forum Notifications section.
  3. In the Forum Notifications section will be a selection for Email Frequency, then options for the Forums and Topics you are currently watching. (See all of the items you are watching by logging into the Info Hub, then clicking on the "Watching" filter on the top right side of the forum.)
  4. Adjust the email frequency to your preference. If you are watching a Forum, email notifications on new topics and comments will be sent accordingly.
    • None: the Forum will not email any notifications.
    • As it happens: the Forum will email a notification immediately.
    • Daily: the Forum will send a summary notification of that day's activities.
    • Monthly: the Forum will send a summary notification of that month's activities.
  5. Next you can make additional selections as to Forum level and Topic level email preferences.
    • None: no notifications will be sent for new forums or new topics
    • Watch All: notifications will be sent according to the frequency selected for all forums and topics and comments, regardless of activity
    • Watch Added Topics Only (Forum) or Watch Replies to My Comments Only (Topic): notifications will only be sent (according to the frequency selected) for new topics in a forum or new replies to your comments on a topic.
  6. Click Done to save any changes.


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