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Add a Contributor & Check Payment Simultaneously
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  1. Click Fundraising in the Navigation Panel. The Fundraising module will display all of your fundraising campaigns.
  2. Click the hyperlink for the desired fundraiser.
  3. Click the ellipses and choose Enter Cash Contribution.
  1. On the Enter Cash Contribution screen, enter the following:
    • Name: Enter the name of the contributor. NOTE: If the contributor does not exist in your database as a contact, a new non-member contact will be created.
    • Date: The current date will be displayed by default, and may be changed.
    • Check Number: Enter the check number as a reference.
    • Message: Enter the message the contributor wishes to display.
    • Tribute Contact: Enter the person the contributor is making this contribution in tribute to.
    • Recognition Name: The recognition name is the name of the person who will be recognized for the contribution.
    • Donation/Pledge Items: Select the appropriate item from the dropdown list.
    • Price: Enter the amount of the contribution. 
  2. Click Done. After the contribution and payment are entered, an invoice and payment will be displayed on the contact's Billing tab. A confirmation email is not automatically sent, so you may wish to do this manually.
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