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Link an Individual to additional Business/Organization
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Individuals may be linked to multiple businesses:


  1. On the Individual's Overview tab, click the link  icon in the Businesses/Offices section. 

  2. On the Associate with Business  (Office) screen type the name of the business you wish to link this individual to in the Business Name field. Type ahead functionality will locate the business for you. If the business does not currently exist in your database, click the icon to add a new business.
  3. (Optional) Enter a Role and Role Start Date.
  4. Phones and Addresses: Select the business phone numbers and addresses you wish to associate to this individual. The defaults for the organization are automatically selected.
  5. End Role (Optional): If the individual should no longer be associated to one or more businesses, you can select the check-boxes and this will disassociate the individual from those businesses.
    Associate with Business screenshot
  6. Click Done.

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