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Enter a store order on behalf of a contact
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At times a member may stop by or call to purchase items from your store. You have the ability to purchase items from the store on behalf of the member. This is the recommended approach, as it ensure that the store items inventory is updated, and the purchase will be reflected in the Store reports.


  1. Access your store and select the items to be purchased.
  2. Proceed to checkout.

  3. In the text box, enter the Contact Name and click Search. The contact must exist in your database. If found, the contact's name, email and phone number will be populated. Additionally, if applicable, address information will be populated for shipping purposes. This will not be displayed if the item is not to be shipped.
  4. Proceed to payment and submit.  Stored payment profiles are accessible upon checkout.


An invoice, and payment if applicable, will be generated and associated to the member. Proceed to review and fulfill the order as described here.


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