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Mark a Membership Pending Approval until Dues Paid
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When adding a membership from the back office, if you wish to wait until the membership invoice is paid before activating the membership, you can set the Initial Membership Status. When the membership is in Pending Approval status, the applicant will not have a directory listing or any other the active membership benefits


  1. Add a membership to to your contact as described in Add a Membership to a Contact.
  2. Click the Advanced Options check-box
  3. Choose Pending Approval from the Initial Membership Status list.
  4. Click Done.



The contact will now be displayed as pending approval. Once the invoice has been paid, you will be able to approve the application in the following manner:


  1. On the contact's Profile tab, click the Actions button next to the Membership you wish to approve

  1. Click Review/Approve.


  1. Click Approve Application
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