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Send an Email to Contact(s) to Update their Profile
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Make it easy for your contacts to keep their own contact and directory information up to date. On the Contacts module main page, you have the ability to send a Member Profile Update email to selected contacts. Within this email is a link that will take the contact to a page where they can review and change their information. This option does not require the contact to access the Info Hub.

NOTE: The email will be sent to the primary contact on the membership. If there is not an email available for the primary contact, the email will be sent to the organization.


  1. Click Contacts in the left-hand navigation panel.


  2. Click the  icon and select Email Member Profile Update.
    Contacts list screenshot
  3. On the Email a Member Profile Update screen choose from the following options.
  4. Select any desired filtering options, to limit the contacts to whom you are sending the email:
    • Renewal Month: Select a renewal month if you wish to limit recipients to a specific renewal month.
    • Membership Type: Select a membership type if you wish to limit recipients to a specific membership type.
    • Contact: Enter a specific contact if you wish to email just that contact.
  5. Enter a Subject. This will default to Update/Verify Your Profile but you can change if you wish.
  6. Select a From address.
    Email for profile update screenshot
  7. Click Send.


The email message sent is displayed below.



Your contacts can click the Verify/Update your Contact and Directory Information to view and update their own information. Once the contact clicks the Submit button, your database will be updated with these changes.


IMPORTANT: While this option gives members an easy way to update their data, it also has the potential to overwrite backoffice data. Meaning, the data the member changes will also change in the backoffice.
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