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Add Contact Info
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Click Contacts in the Navigation Panel to view and search for the contact OR type the name of the contact in the header search box.

On the profile tab, you may update the following information:



  1. Click the   icon in the Contact Info section.
  2. On the Add Contact Info screen you may add additional phone numbers, email addresses, address information, etc. The system will recognize what type of information you are entering, and allow you to further classify it. For example, if you are entering a phone number, you will be able to select Toll Free, Main, etc. NOTE: If you are entering a website, and the web address begins with a number, include www.. If this is not included, the website address is interpreted as a phone number.
  3. Click Done when completed.


NOTE: In cases where the billing address is different than a physical or mailing address, you can differentiate that detail in an organizations profile. When adding address information, you can select the Usage of the address. This provides the ability to identify an address as shipping or billing. This is helpful when processing invoices, as the usage (as well as any notes you may have provided for the address) will be display in the address drop-down.
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