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Download/Email Census
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The Download Census/Email Census action allows you to create a report of all information regarding your memberships organizations and their contacts. This is a great way to send out an annual census report allowing members to see the information the database has, and make edits if needed. You can filter the contacts included in the census by renewal month and/or membership type.


Pre-requisite: A Census Document must be setup prior to downloading or emailing your census. A default document is provided in your software, and can be viewed under Setup > Document Generation Templates. See Setup your Document Templates for instructions.


  1. Click Contacts in the left-hand navigation panel.
  2. On the Contacts screen click the  and choose Download Census or Email Census
  3. Select Download Census or Email Census.
  4. Select desired filtering options. 
    • If you wish to limit the contacts to specific Membership Types, select the desired types from the drop-down list.
    • If you wish to limit the contacts to a specific Renewal Month, select the month from the drop-down list.
    • Alternately, the census can be sent to an individual contact by entering the Contact name. Only one contact may be entered.
  5. Select the Document Generation Template you wish to use for the census.

    IMPORTANT: If you have chosen to modify your Census document template, there are some merge field codes that SHOULD NOT BE REMOVED. Any time you see a << RangeStart:(something) >> line of code, it will be paired with a << RangeEnd:(something) >> line of code. Both sets of code must remain intact for the template to function. 




     See Setup your Document Templates for further instructions on how to edit merge fields in your document templates.


  6. Click Done. Depending on the size of document, the download could take up to an hour to generate. Best practice would be to select smaller segments of members. Emailing will attach a unique pdf for each member and send to the membership owner.


NOTE: Census documents can only be printed for the owner of a membership. Branches/children cannot have census printer out for them if they are inheriting the membership from a parent.

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