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Approve Continuing Education Components
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Individual components within a certification program may also be set to require approval; this must be done before the enrollee can continue with the program. 


When a component within a certification program is set to require approval (Edit Course/Task/Exam -> Requires Approval), when a participant enrolls in that certification program, the component requiring approval will display in the "Action Required" section of the Continuing Education Overview tab. Click the checkbox in the Actions column to approve the participant's component and remove that item from the Action Required section.



Alternatively, you can go to the Continuing Education Tracking tab, find the enrollee in question, and select the check mark in the far right Actions column.



This will open the Progress Tracker and you can enable the component(s) you wish to approve that enrollee to complete. You can select one at a time via the Approved column, or use the "Mark All Approved" button.



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