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Exhibitor Discounts
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Discounts for Exhibitors are set up on the Event's Exhibitor Setup tab and can be based on early registration, promo code, membership type, or volume.



In the Exhibitor Discounts section, click the drop-down arrow on the Actions button to select the type of discount you wish to set up.



There are 4 discount types:

  • Early Registration
  • Promo Code
  • Membership Type
  • Volume



All of the options for all of the types are the same except for the specific criteria:

  • Name
  • Available Starting On - Enter the date this discount takes effect. (Required for Early Registration discounts.)
  • Ends On - Enter the date this discount is no longer valid. (Required for Early Registration discounts.)
  • *Minimum Quantity: Only appears for Volume discounts.  Enter the minimum number of registrations purchased to trigger the discount. (Required for Volume discounts.)
  • *Membership Type: Only appears for Membership Type discounts. Select the applicable Membership Type. (Required for Membership Type discounts.)
  • *Promotion Code: Only appears for Promotion Code discounts. Enter the desired code for the discount. NOTE: Promo Codes are CASE SENSITIVE and must be entered onto the registration form the EXACT way they appear here. (Required for Promotion Code discounts.)
  • Discount Type Previously created discount types will be included in the list. Click the + button to add a new discount type. This is important for reporting.
  • Discount Price:
  • Percentage - Enter the percentage by which the standard price will be discounted.
  • Amount - Enter the dollar amount that will be subtracted from the standard price.
  • Set Price To - Enter the price that will be used instead of the standard price.

Enable the Advanced Options checkbox to display the following additional options:


Applies To (Exhibitor Type) - Selecting an exhibitor type allows you to limit the use of this discount to that specific exhibitor type. For example, if you have setup exhibitor types for members and non-members, you could choose to have a discount only apply to members.


NOTE: You can only select one exhibitor type per discount. If you want a discount to apply to more than one exhibitor type but not all of them, you will need to create a discount type for each one. Selecting no exhibitor type will apply the discount to all of them.


Total Available - Allows you to limit the number of exhibitors that can use this discount. 

Limit Per Purchase - This allows you to limit the number of exhibitors that can use this discount type on a single registration. 


The Event Discount Use Report may be used to analyze how discounts have been used for an event. Click Here for instructions on running the report.


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