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Require Login to Contribute to Fundraiser
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For associations, such as Realtor Boards, laws may dictate that certain contributions (ie. RPAC) can only be made by members. The Require Login to Contribute settings will force someone to log in to make a contribution. This ensures that the fundraising page is behind a login page that validates membership.

  1. For the desired fundraiser, click the Setup tab. 
  2. Enable Require Login to Contribute.
  1. Click Save. With this option enabled, no matter how the fundraising link is distributed (email or via a website), the customer will click on the fundraiser and be prompted to log in before completing the contribution.
  1. Customize the button text using the Button Title field on the Setup tab of the Fundraiser. 

Staff will be able to add a contribution from the back office on behalf of a member in the typical ways:

  • By using the contribution link on the fundraiser public page
  • By adding a fundraising activity from the Profile tab. This is the preferred path as it creates less room for error regarding whose account the contribution should be linked to.
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