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Email Statement to Brokers/Primary Contacts for Related Contacts Invoices
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In instances where a primary contact/broker is responsible for payment towards related contacts' invoices, a statement can be sent. This will allow the  the broker/primary contact the ability to review and pay invoices.  NOTE: A related contact refers to staff related to the office/business.



  1. The primary contact/broker must have Full Control access to Organization Billing Info. See Info Hub Access Levels FAQ for instructions on reviewing and editing contact access levels.
  2. In Finance Settings Show Related Contact Invoices by default on the payment screen in the Info Hub must NOT be enabled. 
  3. In Finance Settings set Statement Setting: Related Contact Financial. You can choose to display related contacts in a summary view (just the total for each invoice) or the line items that make up that total.   
  4. (Optional) Review and edit the Statement with Children template to meet your business needs. 
  5. (Optional) Create an email template to be used in sending out statements.  

Deliver Statements

  1. Click Billing in the left-hand navigation panel
  2. Select the Sales/Invoices tab.  
  3. From the Actions button select Email Grouped Statements.
  4. Select the desired File Format from the drop-down list. When the link for the statement is clicked in the statement this is the format that will be used. 
  5. Select the Statement template you wish to use.  The Statement with Children template, or your edited version of this should be used.
  6. Select a From address from the list.
  7. Select the template that you wish to use for the body of the email from the Cover Letter Template drop-down list.
  8. Enter a Subject and type in your message, if you have not selected a template.
  9. Add related contact's invoice to parent must be enabled.
  10. (Optional) Add additional filtering options as needed. These options allow you to filter out specific invoices. For example, if the primary contact/broker is only responsible for paying membership dues you can filter to a specific product type or goods/service:
    • Type: Specify whether you wish to include only open invoices or all invoices
    • Due Date Range: Specify the due date range for invoices to be included on the statement.
    • Product Type: If you wish to filter invoices to a specific product type, select the desired product type. 
    • Goods/Service: If you wish to filter invoices to a specific goods/service select the desired goods/service.
    • Linked Membership Status: If you wish to filter invoices to those of a specific status (for example, a broker may only wish to pay for those agents that are active) select the desired status from the list.
  11. Click the Apply Filter(s) to Results button.
  12. Select the business(es)/office(s) for which you wish to generate statements.
  13. Click Done.


Statement will now be delivered.


NOTE: Statements may also be sent from a contact's Billing tab by clicking the small actions button.

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