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Data Sent to MLS Standard Integration for Agents
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The table below describes the data made available to the MLS using standard integration. Not all fields may be applicable as this is dependent on the MLS you are using.


Field Name Description Required
Profile Tab
First Name Agent First Name X
Last Name Agent Last Name X
Middle Name Agent Middle Name  
Common Name Agent Common Name  
Address 1 Default Agent Address Line 1 X
Address 2 Default Agent Address Line 2  
City City of Default Agent Address X
State State of Default Agent Address X
Postal Code Zip Code of City of Default Agent Address X
Phone (Primary) Agent Phone Number (Default)  
Phone (Home) First Agent Phone Number marked as "Home"  
Phone (Cell) First Agent Phone Number marked as "Cell"  
Fax Phone number First Agent Phone Number marked as Fax  
Email Address (default) Agent Email address marked as Default X
License Agent State License Number and/or State  
Real Estate Tab
MLS ID The MLS ID for this agent X
MLS Office ID MLS ID for the agent's main office X
MLS Status Active / Inactive X
Member Type The Member Type of the Agent. (1)  
Security Class MLS access level for the agent. (2)  
Preferred Phone The phone number the agent prefers to use X
Login Preferred Username for MLS login  
Password Initial Password for MLS login  


(1) This is sometimes referred to as the Agent Type, and is specific to the MLS. It does conform to the RESO standard naming convention so you may not see this exact same name in your MLS software. During your conversion this mapping is established. The full list is below; visibility may vary depending on agent/office role.

  • Assistant
  • Association Staff
  • Designated REALTOR Appraiser
  • Designated REALTOR Participant
  • Licensed Assistant
  • MLS Only Appraiser
  • MLS Only Broker
  • MLS Only Salesperson
  • MLS Staff
  • Non Member/Vendor
  • Office Manager
  • REALTOR Appraiser
  • REALTOR Salesperson
  • Unlicensed Assistant


(2)  This refers to various access roles you may with your MLS Software. Often used to determine if the agent has access and what kind of access - Admin, Edit, Read-only, Listings updates, etc. This list of values is determined by your MLS vendor.

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