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Guide to Running Upcoming Billing
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Follow these 5 steps to run your upcoming billing


STEP 1: Verify your data, prior to running your billing:

We recommend running some of the report suggestions below, to verifying your data before running your billing.


TIP!! Create and save your reports so that you can easily run them each time you prepare to generate you upcoming billing.


STEP 2: Clear out your Pending Delivery tab

For ease in identifying those invoices that you will be sending out for renewals, best practice is to clear out all invoices on the Pending Delivery tab.  If needed,  deliver the invoices via email or print. If you simply wish to remove the invoices from the pending delivery tab (and not deliver), you can do this in bulk.


STEP 3: Verify your Communication and Messaging

Verify Invoice Template to be used for your renewals: 

  • When you setup your database, you chose the default template you wish to use.  This default (found under Setup > Finance > General Settings) will be used when running your upcoming billing. NOTE: The default will be overwritten if you have assigned invoice templates at the goods/service level or you manually override the template when delivering your invoices. See Invoice Templates for instruction if you wish to review and update your template

Verify Email Template to be used for your renewals

  • Best practice is to have created an email template that you can easily choose when delivering your invoice. Your software provides a default “Invoice Email”. This email is used as the cover letter when sending your invoices out by email, introducing and thanking your customer for their partnership and instructing them how to pay their attached bill. If you have not previously done so you may wish to review this email template and update for future use in sending out your invoices. See Working with Email Templates if you wish to review and update your email templates.

STEP 4: Run Upcoming Billing

Once  you have verified all of the above, have prepared your invoice templates and email templates, running upcoming billing is a simple process. See Generate Invoices for Upcoming (Recurring) Billing for instructions. 

NOTE: If your system is set for Use Automated Billing you will not need to generate the invoices from the Upcoming Billing tab, you will simply need to go to the Pending Delivery tab to deliver the invoices.


  • Use Customize Results to filter the contacts on the Upcoming Billing tab. Run your upcoming billing after filtering to the appropriate invoices. The system will generate invoices for all contacts displayed after your filtering.
  • If you are generating your invoices prior to the invoice date and you have not enabled Invoice Before Autopayment, filter your invoices to those that do NOT have a payment profile assigned by clicking the Customize Results option. You would then come back to your Upcoming Billing to generate invoices for those with a payment profile on the Next Bill Date.
  • Under Customize Results, click the Advanced Options if you wish to over-ride the invoice date, due date, invoice template or message.

STEP 5: Deliver Invoices

Once invoices have been generated, you will be able to deliver the invoices from the Pending Delivery tab. See Deliver Invoices Pending Delivery.


Update Membership Dues Pricing

If a change in membership pricing is needed, you can manually update membership pricing by adjusting the membership OR the system can automatically update membership dues pricing if you membership types are set to recalculate NOTE: When set to automatically recalculate pricing the scheduled billing amounts and descriptions update to the what is shown on the membership type every time the membership is ready for renewal. Individual memberships can be set to not recalculate in cases where a membership has custom fee additions or unique prices.. See Managing Pricing Recalculation for further information.

Review/Understand your Finance > General Settings

Most Finance settings should be configured to suit your business needs upon initial setup of your database. If needed, review the following settings to get an understanding of the processes that will occur when you run your upcoming billing.

  • Is your system configured to create  Invoices Before Autopayment? If this option is enabled, when you generate your invoices for upcoming billing, invoices for those members with a stored payment profile will be created so that you can send a notice to these members. The payment profile will not be charged until the next bill date. 
  • Is your system configured to Auto-apply Credits to Newly Created Invoices: If this setting is enabled, any credits or overpayments available to a member will be applied to the renewal invoices. IMPORTANT: These credits/overpayments will be applied to the invoices regardless of the reason for the credit/overpayment.
  • Is your system configured to Use Automated Billing? If this option is enabled, the system will automatically create your recurring invoices X days ahead of the next bill date. X = Lead Time Days. This is a time saver, however, you will still need to deliver the invoices from the Pending Delivery tab.


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