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NAR Ecommerce: Telecheck
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Telecheck is the provider of the echeck option. This is the same processor that ‘checks the checks’ when a check is written in a store.


They do require a Drivers License, just as they would if you were writing a check in a store. Telecheck has 40 year’s worth of check writing history and that is what they are checking against.


This is not a debit ACH; Telecheck converts the check at point of sale so they send it through the Federal Reserve as a check. That is why you need the full MICR number from the bottom of your paper check – just the way banks scan that on a check in person as it has special magnetic ink, so per NAR Ecommerce guidelines, the full MICR number needs to be entered as it is a check. 

The MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) number at the bottom left of a check identifies the bank branch that it is issued from, the account number of the payer, and the number of the account holder's check in a consecutive series. From left, the line displays the following information:

  • The nine-character routing number that identifies the bank branch
  • The 12-character account number that identifies the payer
  • The four-character check number that indicates which check in a series that the account holder has used.

It looks like this: 000000000 000000000000 0000


From the NAR Ecommerce Telecheck Entry Guidelines:

For those associations who use the Telecheck Electronic Check option either through the NAR Invoicing module or your own vendor’s system, here are some helpful hints you may want to pass on to your members when they enter the information for payment.


In 90% of the cases when a member receives a decline on an electronic check, it is because of a mistake they made in the data entry. The most common mistakes are:

  • Drivers License – Telecheck knows the length and format of the drivers license by state. Sometimes a member will just type in any number for the drivers license, but if the length and format does not match the length and format of drivers license number in that state, Telecheck will reject it.
  • MICR Number – if you look at any check, at the bottom is a series of numbers, often in a different ink than the rest of the check. This is known as the MICR number. On paper checks, banks scan this entire number to process a check. For electronic checks, it is used the same way. Telecheck needs that entire number to send to the bank. The MICR number is made up of the ABA Bank Routing code, the actual account number and the check number. Some checks put the check number first, some have the check number last. There are also characters (‘squiggle marks’) in between the numbers.


When the member enters the MICR number, they must enter the entire number. They, of course, should leave out any spaces, ‘squiggle’ characters, etc. Because the member must enter the check number in a separate field, when they get to the MICR number they notice the check number is in that also and think they can just leave it out because they already entered the check number elsewhere. But no, they must type all the numbers in. Some members type in just the 9-digit Bank Routing number and none of the rest of the numbers. Again, no, they must type in every number in that line from beginning to end.

Ecommerce POEs – whenever you have questions on Ecommerce, be sure to contact NRDS/Ecommerce support staff for POEs at 1-800-868-3225 or at [email protected]. The support staff is there from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Central time.

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