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Image Sizes
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These are the currently documented image size recommendations for GrowthZone. We will continue to expand this article as more image sizes are documented.

Main Image/Logo on a Contact Profile


  • 400x400 pixels
  • Can be any ratio, but optimal space usage is 1:1


Event Main Image


  • Minimum 150 x 150 pixels at 72 dpi, but social media networks look for images over 200x200px when sharing so we recommend larger


Images for the Photo Gallery in the Info Hub


  • Landscape images
    • 16:9 or 3:2 images
      • Roughly 1333 x 750 pixels
      • When dividing the number of horizontal by vertical tickets, the result should be 1.5-1.8
  • Square images
    • 1:1 images
      • Roughly 750 x 750 pixels

Images Sent Within Emails

  • Likely will not be restricted by display size, though anything equal to or larger than the width of a typical widescreen monitor (1920 pixels) is usually unnecessarily large. We recommend 1200 pixels maximum, but usually 600px width is sufficient for pretty much anything in the database.
  • File size limitations will vary based on the user’s email host. For example, Gmail allows up to 25 MB in attachments.


Finance Settings – Main Association Logo for Invoices and Statements


  • 500px wide maximum OR 150px tall maximum. For example, a logo that is 600px wide by 150px tall falls outside the maximum for width, while a logo that is 400px wide by 200px tall falls outside the maximum for height. Be sure your logo falls within BOTH parameters.
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