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FLEX - Add an Agent
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IMPORTANT! If creating new agents AND a new office, the office must be created first and then the agents assigned to the office.


  1. If the agent does NOT have a contact record, follow the steps to Add a Primary Agent or Add a Secondary Agent to create and populate the GrowthZone record.
  2. For the desired agent, click the Real Estate tab
  3. In the MLS Information section, click the pencil icon.

  4. Select the Office Tech Id for the office from the list. If no IDs are available you will first need to add the office to the MLS. See Flex - Add Office for instructions.
  5. Enter the Login ID for this agent. The Request Tech Id button is now displayed above the Tech ID field.

  6. Click the Request Tech Id button.
  7. Click OK to confirm that you wish to request an ID. The ID will populate in the Tech Id field.
  8. Click Done.
  9. In the MLS Information section, click the pencil icon again.
  10. Tick the Sync with MLS check-box
  11. Enter the following information:

    • MLS Status: Choose active or inactive
    • Agent Type: Agent types are configured on initial setup of your database
    • Broker Load Level: Choose the desired security level
    • Visible: If false, the user cannot be retrieved in accounts search results without a Privileged or Replication role. 
    • FbsBillable: Indicates whether the user is billable in the FlexMLS system. Will default to false if not populated. 
    • Short Id: Follow your standard naming conventions
  12. Click Done


The agent record will be synced with FLEX in the next five minutes. The default password that you have configured in your Real Estate Integration settings will automatically be assigned to the agent. On first login, the agent will be prompted to change their password.

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