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Data Sent to FLEX for Agents
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The table below described the data sent to FLEX for agents. NOTE: When data is updated all of the data is sent, not just what has changed


Field Name Description Required?
Profile Tab    
Common Name Agent Nickname  
Email Member email marked as primary/default. Sent to FLEX of type "Office" X
First Name Agent First Name X
Last Name Agent Last Name X
Middle Agent Middle Name  
Full Name Agent Full Name: First Name + Middle + Last Name  X
Prefix Agent Name Prefix  
Suffix Agent Name Suffix  
Member Designation Agent Designations  
Agent State License Agent State License  
Licensing Authority Licensing authority for agent license  
Address Address 1, Address 2, City, Postal code, Country of address marked as default X
Phone (home) Agent phone number - first number set as Home  
Phone (primary) Agent phone number marked as default  
Phone (first one marked cell) Agent Cell Phone  
Phone number that is marked as Default Agent Preferred Phone X
Fax Agent Fax - first phone number marked as fax  
Personal Website Agent website  
Notes Agent notes from the More Info tab  
Real Estate Tab    
Login Id Agent Login Id. Follow your current conventions for configuring this id X
Tech Id Agent Tech Id. When setting up a new agent you will be able to request a Tech Id from Flex X
NRDS Id Agent NRDS Id  
MLS Office Id Agent Office Id. Office must be setup in GrowthZone in order to assign this field. X
Broker Load Level Security level for this agent. Options available are provided upon setup of the database.  
Visible If false, the user cannot be retrieved in accounts search results without a Privileged or Replication role.  X
Fbs Billable Indicates whether the user is billable in the FlexMLS system. Will default to false if not populated.  X
MLS Status Status of the Agent X
Agent Type Agent Type  
Short Id Agent Short Id - follow your current naming conventions  
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