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Schedule an Email
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When sending an email- to individuals, or in bulk- you have the option to schedule the email to be delivered at a later time/date.


Schedule an Email for later delivery

  1. In the Send Email window, click into the "Delay Delivery Until" option. You can type in a date, or use the calendar icon to select a date and/or time for the email to be sent.

  2. Click the "Send" button, and the email will be queued up for delivery on the day/time specified.

You can always review, edit, or cancel the email prior to it being sent.


View/Edit/Delete a Scheduled Email


On the Communications module Scheduled Emails tab, you can be view, edit and delete scheduled emails.



Click the Edit Email   icon to view and edit the scheduled email. Click the Delete   icon to view and edit the scheduled email.

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