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Email Drafts
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If you are working on sending an email (either to an individual or a bulk email), you have the option to save the email as a draft and come back to it later. You can view an email draft, edit an email draft, delete the email draft, and send the email draft.


NOTE: All emails that you have started but not sent (cancelled) will be saved as a draft. Only the person who creates a draft will be able to see it; drafts are not visible to other staff.


Save an email as a Draft

When in the Send Email window, click the "Save Draft" button at the bottom to save your email as a draft. This will save the email as a draft and it will be available to select in the "Drafts" dropdown of the Send Email window.


View an email draft

When you have created and email and clicked Save Draft, you can view the drafts on the Email Drafts tab of the Communications module.


You can edit or delete the Email Draft on the Email Drafts tab. Additionally, by clicking the subject of the draft, the Send Email screen will be displayed, and you can send the email.


Edit an email draft

Click the subject of the email draft or the pencil icon to edit the draft. The Send Email window will open and you can continue working on your draft.



Delete an email draft

If you decide to not send the draft, click the "X" at the far right to delete it.



Send an email draft

If you wish to send a draft email, you can select it from the Drafts list on any Send Email screen.



You can also view or edit an email draft by going to the Email Drafts tab and clicking on the name:



Or by selecting the Edit button on the far right:



Once your Email Draft is open, you may make any changes (if needed); just like a regular email, you can schedule it to be sent later, or you can send it immediately by scrolling down to the bottom of the Edit Send Email window and click Send.




NOTE: Once a draft email is sent, it is no longer listed on the Email Drafts page, nor will it be visible in the drafts drop-down list when sending emails. It is not a template.

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