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Unapply/Apply Payments
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At times, members or staff may make payments to the wrong invoice, or may apply a check twice. Being able to unapply a payment allows you to apply the payment to a different invoice OR refund the resulting overpayment, leaving a full "paper trail" of events.

•    if payment is on the individual, the payment can be applied to the organizations that the individual is related to. 
•    If payment is on the organization, the payment can be applied to the individuals related to the organization.

Once a payment has been un-applied, it will be displayed in the Available Credits column on the Billing tab and display as an “Overpayment”. If needed


  • Once unapplied the payment is only available to be applied to other invoices belonging to the same contact. For example: Erin is a broker that has an overpayment. Charlie is an individual in one of her offices. An overpayment on Erin's account cannot be applied to an invoice belonging to Charlie.
  • Unapply is not an available option if the payment was made through a Bill Highway or NAR Ecommerce payment gateway.
  • Payments may be unapplied if they have been deposited already.


Unapply a Payment

  1. For the desired contact, click the Billing tab.
  2. Click the   button for the payment you wish to unapply and click Unapply.
    Contact billing tab
  3. On the Unapply Payment screen, details of the payment are "read only". IMPORTANT: You can only unapply the full payment, not a partial payment.
  4. Click Unapply. Once you have unapplied, the payment will display as unapplied, and a credit balance will be display in the Balance column. The original invoice to which the payment was applied will be re-opened. The aging days for the invoice will be counted from the original due date, not from the date that the payment is unapplied.


Billing list with indication of unapplied payment


When a payment is unapplied, the original invoice accounting transaction is reversed.  


Apply Over-payments

Over-payments may occur because an invoice was not selected when an payment was entered, the payment was entered in error, or simply because a member has sent you additional funds towards future purchases.
You can view over-payments on the member's Billing tab, or by filtering payments to over-payment on the Payments tab in the Billing Module.

  1. On a contact's record select the Billing tab.
  2. Click the   for the payment you wish to apply and choose Apply Payment
    List of billing transactions on Billing tab
  3. Select Apply Overpayment.
  4. On the Add Apply Overpayment screen select the invoice(s) to which you wish to apply the payment.
    Apply overpayment screenshot
  5. Click Done.

The Transactions by Contact Report provides reporting capability on over payments.


Did you know: If you have enabled Auto-Apply Credits to Newly Created Invoices under your Finance General Settings over-payments will automatically be applied to newly created invoices.


View a List of Unapplied Overpayments

To see a list of overpayments that have not yet been applied, go to the Payments tab in the Billing module and filter to Unapplied Overpayments.


Payment filtering options
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