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Log Notes/Phone Calls
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The GrowthZone software may be used as one location to keep track of all interactions with your contacts.


The notes and calls that you log are for internal use only and will not be seen by your members. Some notes, for example a member has been dropped, are logged automatically and will also not be visible to your members.  


  1. On the contact's Communications tab, click the  adjacent to Send Email.   
  2. Select a Category from the drop-down. Categorizing your notes will make it easy for you to search and filter your notes. If needed click the   to add a new category.

  3. Enter the Date of the interaction with your contact. Date will default to the current date.
  4. Select a Contact. This is the name of the person you interacted with. All individuals associated to the contact will be displayed in the drop-down.
  5. Enter a Subject.
  6. Enter Notes/Message.
  7. If this note is relevant to a Project, begin typing the name of the project in the text box. Type ahead functionality will populate a list of your projects from which you cna select the desired project.
  8. Select a Type from the drop-down. Types are a way by which you will be able to easily search and filter your notes.
  9. If you wish to create a follow-up reminder, click the Create Follow Up Reminder check box. NOTE: When adding a reminder you are also creating a task.

    • Enter the Date by which the follow-up should occur.
    • Select the staff member to which you wish to assign this reminder from the Assigned To drop-down. All active staff members in your database will be displayed. When assigning a reminder to another staff member, they will be able to see their tasks by clicking into the task list in the header bar.
    • Select a Priority from the list.
    • Enter a Follow-up Name.
    • Enter a Follow-up Description.
  10. (Optional) You may add files to the note by clicking the Attach Files button.
  11. Click Done.


You can also log notes for multiple contacts within the contacts module. See  Communicate with many contacts from within the Contacts module.



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