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Submit or Vote On Ideas- UserVoice forum
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If you find that you'd like for GrowthZone to do a particular thing and have exhausted all other avenues (attending webinars, searching the Knowledge Base, contacting Support), you may submit a feature request to the Product Team via the integrated UserVoice forum. 


You can access UserVoice by clicking on your name in the upper right corner of GrowthZone and selecting the "Submit or Vote On Ideas" link.



This will take you to the UserVoice forum and automatically log you in using your GrowthZone account.



  • Before adding a new idea, search by key terms to determine if the idea already exists.

    • If it exists, use the "Vote" button to add your vote and comments.

      • Items you have not voted on will have a grey "Vote" button. 
      • Items you have already added votes to will show how many votes you added on a blue button. You can change your votes if you like- add more or reduce the number, or remove them. 

    • Avoid creating a new entry for an idea that already exists as it could reduce/split votes. You want as many votes as possible on a single request!
    • If your idea is new, add it! Select the appropriate category (aka module) and include key words in your subject line so others can easily find and vote on your idea.

  1. Our Product Development team receives notifications on each new idea submitted, and updates/reviews submissions frequently.
  2. When an idea is scheduled for development, the status is updated. All users who voted for that idea will receive emailed update(s).

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