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Store Credit Cards in the Back Office
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If your payment gateway is GrowthZone Pay, Authorize.Net, NAR Ecommerce, or Bill Highway credit cards can easily be stored through the back-office for future use. Important! If you are using and you wish to allow your members to store credit cards, CIM must be enabled for your account. Visit the support pages for further information on enabling CIM.


Members may also store credit cards through the Info Hub or any time they are paying an invoice online they may choose to save their card.


Did you know? Credit cards are stored at the Processor and are NOT stored on GrowthZone servers.


  1. On the contact's Billing Setup  tab scroll to the Stored Payment Profile section.

  2. Click the   icon. The Add Payment Profile dialog box will open.

  3. Required options will vary dependent on the payment processor yu are using. 
  4. Select a Payment Profile Type from the drop down list.
  5. Select the desired Payment Gateway.

  6. Enter all required Card Information.
  7. Click Done.

See Invoice Processing for Stored Payment Profiles for further details on how automated payment processing works.


NOTE: With GrowthZone Pay ACH Bank Account information may also be stored, but the member must enter the information. Staff can not store bank information through the back office. 


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