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Schedule a One Time Billing
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If you need to assign a one-off billing item that is NOT recurring, but should be billed in the future, you have an option to add a one time billing. One time invoices created in this manner will be included on the Upcoming Billing tab in the Billing module, and can be generated as described in Manage Invoices for Upcoming Billing.


  1. On the contact's Billing Setup tab, click the    in the Other Scheduled Billing section. Choose Add One Time Billing.
  2. On the Add One Time Billing screen configure the following:
    • Customer: The name of the customer will automatically be populated.
    • Select the desired Fee Item from the Fee Item list. The DescriptionPrice and Quantity will automatically populate with the defaults set when the Fee Item was created. You can change these if needed.
    • Billing Contact: Select the desired billing contact.
    • Billing Address: Select the desired billing address. If no addresses are available, or you wish to add a new address, click the   to add a new address.
    • Billing Email: Select the desired billing email. If no email address is available, or you wish to add a new email address, click the   to add a new email address.
    • Item:
    • Date Settings: Enter the Next Bill Date. The system will use this date to ensure that the item is included on the Upcoming Billing tab in the Billing module.
    • Discounts: Refer to Working with Discounts for details on how to add a discount to your one time item. 
    • Invoice Settings
      • Select to Print and/or email the invoice. This is the default that the system will use when you send invoices from the Pending Delivery tab.
      • Term: Select the term to be applied to this invoice.
      • Payment Profile: If the contact has a payment profile associated, and wishes to pay this invoice with the profile, select the desired profile.
  3. Click Done.



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