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Delete a Contact
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It is not recommended that you delete contacts from your database as you will lose all historical information, and impact the integrity of your database However, you do have the ability to do so and this action cannot be undone. 


NOTE: You will not be able to delete a contact if they have open invoices, credits or overpayments. If the contact is deleted, it’s impossible to track this money and a member may not receive a refund for an unapplied payment or lose a credit that they had from a previous refund.


To delete a contact (organization or individual):

  1. Select the contact's Profile tab
  2. Click the  icon button in the header
  3. Click Delete Contact

  4. Type DELETE to confirm that you wish to delete this contact. This process cannot be undone. Should it be necessary for GrowthZone to retrieve this contact, fees may apply
  5. Click OK. The contact is now deleted



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