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Custom Invoice Template- Special Logo
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Some times you may with to customize an invoice template for a specific reason, and use a different logo than the one in your General Settings or Finance Settings. While it is actually quite simple to create a new invoice template, click into the header area, remove the <<Logo>> merge field, and replace it with a static logo, you can run into an issue if your invoice is more than one page long. The second page will not have the correct logo on it; instead, it will pull either the logo from your Finance General Settings, or, if you have not uploaded a logo there, your organization logo from the General Settings.


To ensure that your invoice template will have the correct, custom logo on ALL pages, you will need to edit the coding behind the invoice. You do this by enabling the ability to see hidden fields in the invoice template document.


Please note the following process was documented on a Windows 10 PC, using Office 365. The process may not work as detailed on a Mac.


First, open your customized template and enable editing if needed. Double-click in the header area to activate the editor there. Then we'll need to get that secret hidden second page to display. Follow these steps:


  1. Go to File -> Options. (It will be at the very bottom of the “Info” page.) 


  1. Click “Advanced”, then scroll to the “Show document content” section and click the option to “Show field codes instead of their values”.


  1. The document will now display the code values in the template document, and will show the "hidden" second page. Scroll down and look for { MERGEFIELD Logo \* MERGEFORMAT } at the top of the second invoice page.


  1. Delete the entire { MERGEFIELD Logo \* MERGEFORMAT } line and place the appropriate logo in its place. Don't forget to switch the field codes off when you're done!  (File -> Options -> Advanced -> Show document content -> uncheck Show field codes instead of their values). You'll see that the second page is once again hidden. Save your file. 


Now if you have an invoice with more than one page in it, all pages will have the same custom logo.

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