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Special Topic: Staff is also a Member
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In some organizations you may run into a situation when a member of your staff is also a member of your association through their business.


Best practice is to have separate accounts for the staff login to the back office versus the member login to the Info Hub. This requires there to be two separate contact records- one for the staff member, and one for the association member. The reason for this is two-fold.


First: assigning both staff access (i.e. back office access) and user access (Info Hub access) on the same contact record usually results in neither login working correctly. When logged in to the back office as staff, the staff member may not be able to access everything they should; when logged into the Info Hub, they may have access to things they shouldn't. This is a result of the system using one email address for both logins and applying potentially conflicting access levels.


Second: if the staff member is let go or leaves the organization and both logins (staff and Info Hub) are tied to the same email/contact record, when the staff access is removed/deactivated/deleted this may also affect their Info Hub login access.


The setup for a staff member who is also an association member should be as follows:


  • The staff-level back office access level should be tied to one contact record, related to the organization record, and containing their staff info (email, phone, etc).
  • The user-level Info Hub access level should be tied to a separate contact record, related to the business/association member, and containing THAT business's info OR their personal info.


That way, if the staff member leaves or is let go, you can simply deactivate their staff access and remove them from the organization record, and their member access to the Info Hub and their relation to their business is not affected in any way.



Sam Taylor is a part time staff member with Nova Valley Chamber, helping out with entering payments and event coordination. Sam is also the owner of a boutique floral shop called Sam's Blossoms, and the floral shop is a member of the chamber.


As a part time chamber staff, Sam has a [email protected] email address. She also has her business email, [email protected].


Sam should have two contact records, one with her staff email and staff access that is related to Nova Valley Chamber and one with her business email and Info Hub access related to Sam's Blossoms.

Sam Taylor's two separate contact records

Sam's chamber STAFF record with staff access:


Sam's chamber MEMBER record with Info Hub access:


Keeping staff and member access levels separate ensures that staff don't run into unexpected challenges with their staff tasks, and allows for inactivation when needed without affecting their member access.

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