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Capture Payment Profile and Charge on Application Approval
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As a membership manager, you may wish to collect payment from a prospective member after approving their application.  This will provide you the opportunity to review the invoicing for the membership and make adjustments as needed. This functionality is available for GrowthZone Pay and NAR Ecommerce only. NOTE: Your application must be version 2. This setting is configured under Setup > Membership Settings.


When setting up your Application Form you can enable Enable Capture Payment Profile and Charge on Approval. When this setting is configured:

  • Applicants must provide a valid credit card when they submit an application
  • Cards are verified before application is submitted/confirmation shown to user

  • Cards are saved as a payment profile on the applicant contact


IMPORTANT: You cannot enable this option if Automatically Approve Applications is enabled. 


Enable Capture Payment Profile and Charge on Approval


Enable Capture Payment Profile and Charge on Approval on your Membership Application(s). See View/Create your Membership Application Form for further information on setting up your Membership Application Form(s)



How it Works

  1. Enable Enable Capture Payment Profile and Charge on Approval
  2. When an applicant completes the application they are required to store credit card information
  3. As a staff member you will be able to review the application, make any needed adjustment to the invoice
  4. When the application is approved the credit card will automatically be charged
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