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Events Use Case: Register on Behalf of Others
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Are you not attending an event, but need to register and pay for others? 


The GrowthZone registration form was designed with the assumption that one of the attendees or their organization would be paying, but this is not always the case! 


Here is how you can register and pay on behalf of others.  


  1. Access the registration form 
  2. Enter your (the payer) contact information into the My Information fields: 

  3. Select the quantity of attendees you wish to register: 

     (Note! If the registration type you are looking to register attendees under is Members Only, you will need to be verified as a member yourself in order to use it.) 
  4. For Attendee #1, it will auto populate with your information. However, since you will not be attending, you can click the Person dropdown and select < New Attendee > : 

  5. Enter the attendee’s information. 

  6. When it comes time for the Payment Information, make sure that your name is selected in the Bill To dropdown: 


This will ensure the invoice or payment receipt goes to you. 

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