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Cancel an Event - Automated
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It is unfortunate, but at times, you may find it necessary to cancel an event. The Cancel this Event automated process allows you to:


  • Cancel registrations for all registrants
  • Credit registrants
  • Mass write-off any unpaid invoices
  • Send an email to registrants
  • Disable online registration
  • Disable 48 hour reminder (if applicable)




  1. For the desired event, click the ellipsis to the right of the event name.

  2. Select Cancel Event. This will open the Cancel this Event window.

  3. In the Cancel this Event window, select desired options:
    • Choose how you wish to manage Attendee Purchases. Select Do Nothing: leave transactions as they are or Write off open invoices; create credits for paid invoices.
    • Click Update Event Title to update the title of your event. By default **Canceled** will be appended to the title. You can change this if needed.
    • Click Update Event Description to update the description of the event. By default **Canceled** will be appended to the title description. You can change this if needed.
    • Click Send email to all registered attendees if you wish to notify all registrants. You can then enter the email text, or, use the Event Cancellation NoticeNOTE: If you select the template, you will still have the opportunity to edit prior to sending to registrants. To edit the template for all future use, see Edit a Default Email Template.
  4. Click Done.
  5. The Attention confirmation screen summarizes your choices and actions that will be performed.

    Review and click Yes to proceed with the event cancellation, or click No if you wish to go back and make changes.
  6. If Yes, your choices will be activated, and the status of the event will be updated to canceled, the event reminder (if applicable) will be disabled, and on-line registration will be disabled. In addition, all registrants will be updated to a canceled status, and the selected accounting actions such as writing off unpaid invoices and crediting paid attendees will be applied.

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