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Create a Form or Survey
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Creating a form is a two step process. First you will add the form, then you will add the questions to your form.

  1. Click Forms/Surveys in the Navigation Panel.
  2. Click the Add button.
  3. Enter details in the fields on the opened page:
    • Name - provide a name for your new form.
    • Description - This text appears at the top of the form for the user/public to view. You may use the standard word processing functions (bold, italics, etc.), as well as add links and images.
    • Form Type - Select a form type.
      • Contact Us: staff who have subscribed to the Contact Us Submission email notification will receive an email when the form is submitted.
      • Inquiry Tracking: Only for use with the Sales Funnel/Member Recruitment module. Do not use unless connecting this form to the Sales Funnel.
      • User Defined: for custom made forms and surveys. This is the most common form type used.
    • Form URL will populate once the form has been saved.
      • If you want to include a friendlier name in the URL, you can create a Form module page for this form under Setup -> Website -> GrowthZone Pages and indicate the relative path that should be used.
      • If you don't have a Form module page created for this form, the URL will default to include either 'ap/Form' as part of the URL OR will default to the relative path that you used on your FIRST Form module page.
      • If you want to set your own default relative path for all forms going forward, add a Form module page under Setup -> Website -> GrowthZone Pages that does not not have a specific Form selected. The relative path specified there will be used as the default for all Forms that don't have a specific page set up for them.
    • Response Notifications: Enter the email(s) of staff members who should receive notification when survey responses are submitted by typing in the name and clicking on the appropriate contact. Once you click on their name, the information will show above the field, continue to add names as needed.
    • Confirmation Options: Enter the message you wish displayed after the form is submitted. There are editing tools available in the text box to enhance the information.
    • Download File: If you wish to include a file to be downloaded after the form has been submitted, click the Select File button and import the file. Alternately, you can select a previously imported file.
  4. (Optional) Enable the Advanced Options check box to configure the following:
    • Publish Start Date & Publish End Date: These dates indicate when the form will accept responses. If someone attempts to fill in the form before the publish start date or after the publish end date, the message "We're sorry but this form/survey is no longer accepting responses. If you have questions or believe this is an error, please contact us." will be displayed.
    • Accept User responses via 3rd Party Source: Enable this option if you will be integrating this form with a Landing Page form OR wish to receive form responses from a third party survey solution (for example, ActOn). This will setup the mapping needed to receive and store the responses in your database. When this is enabled, once the form has been saved, the URL to Send Responses To will be automatically generated. This is the URL that should be shared with the third-party solution. NOTE: GrowthZone surveys do not support radio button questions. If used by the 3rd party, the responses would come through as blanks to GrowthZone. We recommend using a drop-down type question instead.
  5. Click Done.


The Form URL will populate after the form is saved. You can use this link to email to members; you can use the Share option to create a profile-linked URL for your members that will auto-fill various Form fields; or you can create a public module to publish the form to your website

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