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Review Next Bill Dates
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We’ve built a tool to help associations identify members (if any) that may have the wrong next bill dates for their annual scheduled billings. For those associations that have set the “renews on” date to a specific date for association memberships (Jan. 1st for most REALTOR® Associations), the system is able to use that information to identify next bill dates that potentially do not align with the expected date. This tool can be a great way to double check that members will be billed/charged on the dates that you expect.


To utilize this new tool:

  • Open the Review Next Bill Dates tool, under Setup.
  • Review those members listed (if any).
    • Note: Members listed here, have next bill dates that are not expected. Meaning, the current Next Bill date is different that the “Renews on…” date set on each membership type. Notice the “Current Next Bill Date” and “Proposed Next Bill Date” column.
  • Use the Filter section to filter results (if needed) by Status, Membership Type, or Current Next Bill Date. Then click “Load” to see the proposed results.
  • Click “Update” which will kick off a mass change for those filtered results to have their Current Next Bill Date changed to the Proposed Next Bill Date. This will update all scheduled billing with incorrect next bill dates even though only the first 500 are listed. If you have more than 500 listed, use the Download button at the top of the screen to review all scheduled billing items that will be changed.



  • To utilize this tool, you must enable “Enforce Date Rules on Fixed Renewal Month Memberships” in membership settings. Found under Setup> Membership Settings. If you do not have this enabled, the screen will have a message at the top, instructing you to do so. 
  • At this time, this tool is designed for annual scheduled billings only. 
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