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Manage Donors/Donations
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Whether a donation is entered via your donation form, or from the back office, the following will occur:

  1. A thank you email is sent to the donor.

  2. A notification is sent to your staff members who have subscribed to the Online Donation Notice.
  3. If the donation was paid by credit card:
    • An invoice and payment record are created, and displayed on the contact's Billing tab.
    • If they have chosen to make a recurring donation, this will be set up in the Scheduled Billing section of the Billing tab.
  4. If you allow invoicing and the donor requests to be invoiced:
    • The invoice will automatically be created. You will need to send the invoice out.
    • If the donor has chosen to make a recurring donation, a schedule will be set up on the contact's Billing tab.


NOTE: If the donor is not a contact in your database, a contact record will automatically be created.
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