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Description Fields and HTML
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IMPORTANT! Using HTML tags in these kinds of text fields is available but not supported; the support team will not troubleshoot HTML for you, so use these tags at your own risk.


While there isn't a built in rich text editor for some of the Description text entry fields, you can include some basic HTML tags in your text and it does format as expected.


  • <br> will create a line break (a new line of text)
  • <li> and </li> will create a bulleted list of text. Each <li> and </li> creates a new line.
  • If you want a numbered list, use <ol> first; then each numbered item gets a <li> and </li> around it. At the end of the list, after the last </li>, use </ol>.
  • <b> and </b> will bold text
  • <i> and </i> will italicize


As an example, here is how it would look in the field vs how it displays out on the registration page:



There may be more that work; these tags are provided as examples. Here is a good source for additional tags that may (or may not) work in these types of text fields within GrowthZone.



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