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Update Contact Information in the Info Hub
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A member may update their existing contact information or add new contact information in the Info Hub.

  1. Click My Info in the Navigation Panel. The screen will display the Contact info tab.
  1. Click the plus icon in Contact Info to add additional contact details OR click the pencil icon to edit existing contact details. NOTE: Customers with the Real Estate Edition will NOT see edit options for Agent Name, Office Name, or License Number in the Info Hub.

  1. The LISTS/COMMITTEES section will display committees to which this member belongs. The member can click the X adjacent to a list/committee that they no longer wish to belong to.


  1. They can select the View Members icon to view the other members in the group.

  1. Select the plus sign to view the lists/committees available to join and join. NOTE: Only lists/committees that you have configured for Users Can Join will be displayed in the list. See List/Committee General Settings for further information.





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